Kunai Knives

A Kunai knife is a very unique and untraditional knife used mainly by martial arts experts. The Kunai knife is very famous among manga characters, especially Naruto. It has many purposes and can be very handy. In this article, we will introduce you to the Kunai knife and to everything you need to know to buy one.

Kunai Knife: The History

It is agreed that Kunai knives originated in Japan. It is a multi-purpose tool that is believed to have originated from the Mason trowel.

At first, the Kunai was used as a trowel during the Tensho Era in Japan. It was made of iron (instead of the steel used in modern Kunai knives) and it was cheap and unpolished. It was mainly used as a gardening tool and in building and masonry.

The early Kunai knife was not sharp as it was not used as a weapon. It was used to smash plaster and to pry holes. It consisted of a spear-like head with a handle and a ring on the pommel. This ring can then allow for the attachment of a rope which means the Kunai can be strapped to a wooden stick to act as a spear of some kind.

Later, the Kunai knife evolved to enter the weaponry category. Weaponsmiths started to receive requests from ninjas and martial arts experts to start creating sharp Kunai knives made of steel. It is believed that these knives were rolled in the dirt and hung in homes, disguising their new purpose.

It is popularly believed that the Kunai knife was originally a throwing knife. However, although it can cause damage when thrown, that was not its original purpose. The Kunai knife was used in battles for stabbing and outdoors for climbing.

Kunai is Scorpion’s weapon in the Mortal Kombat series. It is also used by Ibuki from Street Fighter. It is the most popular weapon used by all manga and anime characters, due to its great popularity in the Japanese culture. This huge popularity is mainly due to the consistent exaggeration of Ninja myths all over the world.


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The Most Popular Kunai Knives

The modern-day Kunai knife comes in many variations: short, long, wide and even saw-like Kunai knives. The length of a Kunai knife ranges from 20 to 30 cms. Here’s a list of some of the best Kunai knives on the market, their prices and where to find them: 


9 Inch Overall Ninja Kunai Throwing Knife

This knife is overall 9 inches in length and is easy to conceal. It is made of stainless steel with a cord wrap handle.


Professional 9" Black Blue Skull Throwing Knife Knives 2 Pc Kunai Set

This is my personal favorite on the list. This knife set has a very unique design. You can easily nail a bull’s eye with this set. It comes with a nylon sheath with a press stud to keep the knives concealed and safe. Both knives have a stonewashed finish which gives it an elegant and sharp look and is responsible for its high durability. Its belt loops fit almost every belt which makes it easy to carry. Their sleek design allows these knives to fly through the air with swiftness and high accuracy. These knives are very easy to clean and their maintenance is quick. This set is available in blue, red and silver.


Red Kunai Ninja Throwing Knives

This is a three-piece set of traditional Kunai knives from Perfect Point. These knives are highly durable. It is made of adonized 440 stainless steel which gives it a sleek look and a modern finish. It comes with a durable nylon sheath for all 3 knives.


Kibaku Kunai Minus The Kibaku

This one is a famous knife and an all-time favorite for Shinobi.  It is a set of 3 knives that are matte black in color and have a very unique look. They are durable and easy to carry. They come with a nylon sheath to allow safe carrying and to ensure concealment.


Uses of a Kunai Knife

A Kunai knife is a very versatile knife. It has a lot of uses. It was originally a tool used by Masons. Here’s a list for some of the uses of Kunai knives:

Used as a weapon

Many ninja weapons are an evolution of farmer and worker tools. The Kunai knife is no exception. The Kunai were cheap tools that could be made by every weaponsmith and can be easily sharpened which made them a perfect weapon that could hide behind its original purpose. As a weapon, the Kunai has a very firm grip which makes it a good option for one on one combat.


For outdoor lovers, the Kunai knife can be an excellent climbing tool and is used as a hook to climb rocks.

Used as a throwing knife

The Kunai knife makes a very good throwing knife. Its light weight and unique design along with the finger ring on its handle make it the perfect throwing knife. Kunai knives are used in many games and competitions worldwide for this purpose.

Used as gardening tools

One of the original purposes of Kunai knives, gardening is still one of the applications of Kunai knives in many rural areas, especially those in Japan. They’re used for digging holes, farming, removing soil, pulling roots, etc.


Why choose a Kunai knife?

There are many reasons why a Kunai knife is the perfect knife.

  • It is a multi-purpose versatile knife.
  • It is easy to carry and is perfect for outdoor activities.
  • It is lightweight and can be used as a throwing knife as well as for stabbing and thrusting which makes it the perfect self-defense weapon.
  • Most Kunai knives are very affordable compared to all knives.

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Where to buy a Kunai knife?

Many online sellers are available. Before buying your knife, make sure you read the specifications very well. The length of each Kunai knife can vary greatl which can have an impact on their uses, for example, longer Kunai knives are better throwing knives than shorter ones. Also, make sure to watch a lot of videos on how to use the Kunai knife before practicing to avoid any unnecessary injury.


Precautions while using a Kunai knife 

Just like any other knife, the Kunai knife is sharp and needs strict precautions especially when you’re still practicing using it.

  • Wear protective gloves while learning how to use the Kunai knife.
  • If you’re practicing throwing, make sure there’s no one around and remove anything you wouldn’t like to break.
  • Always place the knife back in its sheath.
  • Never leave your knife within a child’s reach.


To sum things up

Kunai knives are durable, affordable and very popular. They’re multi-purpose and a great value for money for every knife enthusiast.