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You might be wondering why it’s incredibly challenging to pick the perfect folding knife. This might be because there are many available styles available. After all, folding knives have been used for centuries.

Therefore, it evolved and left many buyers with many models to choose from. Even though it can be exciting to search for the right folding knife, it can also be overwhelming.

However, you no longer need to worry about that because we picked some of the best folding knives in the market.

Besides picking out some of the folding knives we like, we have also prepared other information you need to make it easier for you to choose. With that said, continue reading to know more about the best folding knives.


History of Folding Knives

The oldest folding knife found had a bone handle. It was discovered at the site of Hallstatt Culture in Austria. Experts also found out that this pocket knife dated back to around 600 to 500 BCE.

Some of the terms used for folding knives are farmer knives, penny knives, or peasant knives. It had a very basic pivoted bladed that can be folded into the handle. However, it had no locking mechanism, slip joint, or back spring – all of which are now included in modern folding knives.

The first folding knives were used daily in the pre-Roman period. However, they were considered luxury items, so everyday citizens did not afford them. It was not until the mid-1600s when folding knives became popular and more widely available.

This was made possible by cutlery producers in England. Mass production of these knives started in the early 1700s. Because of that, tradespeople, farmers, and herders were able to buy them at a more affordable price.

Nowadays, there are various types of folding knives with multiple applications. From the traditional to the tactical ones, they are multi-functional tools that can be useful for numerous applications. Because of this, they are often given as gifts to boys when they reach manhood.


Top Reasons You Should Get a Folding Knife

  • You can open parcels, letters, and other mails.
  • Cutting a piece of fruit, meat, cheese, or bread is easy, even when you’re outside. If you are a chef, you can use a pocket knife to sample fresh produce from the market.
  • If there is a loose thread from your clothes or strings or want to remove the tag of a new shirt, you can do it right away.
  • It is helpful for emergencies such as picking a lock if your child accidentally locks themselves inside, cutting a seatbelt after an accident, or removing clothing to perform first aid or self-defense.
  • When you’re out camping, sailing, or hiking, you can use it to sharpen wood or a pencil.

These are just some of the reasons having a folding knife can come in handy.

Folding knife

What to Look for When Choosing a Folding Knife

  • Materials

The materials used for folding knives are some of the most important considerations when purchasing a folding knife. It would be best to make sure that the materials used for the handle and blade are ideal for your needs.

Many of these blades are made from carbon steel, tool steel, or stainless steel. You just need to identify what the strengths and weaknesses are of every blade.

  • Ergonomics

You should note that not all knives can be folded. Nevertheless, if you want a knife that you can quickly put in your pocket, you should buy a model that nicely folds up.

Folding knives are incredibly convenient, but you can only enjoy their convenience if you can easily unfold the blade.

Therefore, when searching for a folding knife, you need to check the ergonomics and design. There are folding knives that are not made for a single-hand operation or left-hand use.

However, ambidextrous folding knives are available, so you just need to make sure that they have this feature when buying one.

  • Price

The cost of folding knives can be as cheap as $10 for a reasonably capable model. On the other hand, some models can be priced at more than $250.

Suppose you consider purchasing a more affordable model. In that case, you should assume that you have to replace it when it wears out or breaks regularly. Spending more on a folding knife can be beneficial because it can last you for an extended period.


How to Purchase a Folding Knife

As mentioned, there are many folding knives available these days. For men, owning one is not only stylish but also functional.

New knives with ornamental decorations or bone handles can be expensive. So, if you want to save on costs, you can find vintage folding knives on Craigslist or eBay. Many are of excellent quality and are long-lasting.

You can also consider well-known knife brands since they are reputable. Many branded knives can be bought online.


Reviews of Folding Knives

  • Hunting Survival Pocket Knife by Knife Legacy

Featuring a stainless steel blade and wooden design, it is not only dapper but also easy to maintain and sharpen.

Unlike most small folding knives, this one from Knife Legacy can outperform other larger blades. It can surprise you with its ability to cut tough materials.

The knife has a unique lock mechanism that features a spring-loaded lock. Therefore, you can easily open and close the blade with a single hand.

Moreover, the lock is practical because it can be used by left-handed and right-handed people. An adjustable pocket clip is also a remarkable feature of the knife, so it will not be hard to carry when you need to bring it.


  • It is low-maintenance.
  • The edge is very sharp.
  • It is easy to open and close.


  • The finish can be a minor hit or miss.


  • 1670 Everyday Pocket Knife by Kershaw Blur

When you are working indoors, you can easily keep this Kershaw Blur folding knife in your utility belt or place it in your travel when traveling on the road. Because of its black color, it is unnoticeable and discreet.


  • It is made from high-performance and nitrogen-enhanced steel.
  • It has a diamond-like carbon coating to make it hard and resist corrosion.
  • The SpeedSafe Assisted Opening feature makes it easy to use.


  • Some quality issues were reported. Some users said the knife broke quickly.
  • It can be a hazard since it can randomly open.


  • Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife by Victorinox

This Swiss army folding knife has seven tools that can be extremely helpful in emergencies. You can also choose from 27 different colors, so finding the perfect color is not difficult.


  • All the parts are resistant to rust and are made from stainless steel.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Oil can be used to make the tools easier to utilize.


  • It cannot be cleaned using a dishwasher.
  • The spring of the scissors can break easily.
  • The keyring can be annoying when you use the knife.
  • The knife might need to be frequently sharpened.


  • EDC Folding Pocket Knife by CRKT Drifter

You can use this CRKT Drifter pocket knife in any situation. It is a dependable tool for scaling, whittling, and cutting because of its contoured handle and very sharp blade.


  • The blade is made from quality steel.
  • The handle is also made from stainless steel. It is also easy to grip because it is curved.
  • The Frame Lock Safety feature prevents accidentally deploying the sharp blade of this knife.


  • Because of the curved handle, sharpening can be a little challenging.
  • The blade somewhat becomes dull fast, primarily when you often use it to cut through rigid objects.
  • For people with delicate fingers, the thumb studs can be uncomfortable.

Folding Knives Pros And Cons


Finally, there are many reasons getting a folding knife can be beneficial for you. After all, you now know that it is not only functional but can also be a sentimental item.

I believe that the best folding knife is sharp enough for your needs and portable enough to carry anywhere. That is why I want you to keep this in mind when searching for a folding knife.

We will be happy to know what you think about this article. Please let us know what you think in the comment section.

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